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About Us

CIRSF – Research Center on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector is aimed towards promoting am in-depth, systematic and proactive analysis of the regulation and supervision of the financial sector, following an interdisciplinary approach (legal and economic), being as such particularly focused on the key reforms of this financial regulation and supervision undertaken in the wake of the international financial crisis of 2007-2009 (with protracted effects that have been generating multiple economic tensions worldwide and the level of the Eurozone, including tensions that have affected sovereign debt markets).

Jean Monnet Programme - About Us

The President of CIRSF’s Board, Professor Dr. Luis Silva Morais, has coordinated several Jean Monnet projects. and, accordingly, ‘Jean Monnet Activities’ supported by the European Commission correspond to an essential dimension of his  scientific activity in the field of EU law and EU integration.

News e Events

CIRSF Anual International Conference 2020
23 de July de 2020
Publication of EBI's e-book - “Pandemic Crisis and Financial Stability”
Pandemic Crisis and Financial Stability
26 de May de 2020
Ed. by Christos Gortsos and Wolf-Georg Ringe
European Banking Institute
29.º Aniversário da CMVM
12 de May de 2020
Mensagem no quadro da Parceria Científica entre a CMVM e o CIRSF
Resposta Europeia à Crise Covid-19 e o Setor Bancário
22 de April de 2020
Prof. Dr. Luis Silva Morais
O Público, 22nd of April 2020
EBI Report on the Pandemic Crisis-related Economic Policy and Financial Regulation measures
20 de April de 2020
International, European Union and and Euro Area Levels
Euronext Lisboa Awards atribuído ao CIRSF e ao IGCP
30 de January de 2020
Prémio Market Promotion Initiative distingue seminário internacional organizado pelo IGCP em parceria científica com o CIRSF