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International Summer Conference

June 2015, Lisbon
with the cooperation of Banco de Portugal and Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e de Fundos de Pensões


CIRF - Research Center on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector, in the context of its usual scientific cooperation with the Banking Supervisor (Banco de Portugal) and the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisor (ASF) will hold its yearly Summer International Conference on the great trends of supervision of the financial sector, in June 2015, in Lisbon. the exact date and full program will be disclosed soon. Among various other international Speakers the 2015 Conference will comprehend interventions of Viral Acharya, the Chairperson of the European Banking Authority and the General Secretary of the SSM (Single Supervisory Mechanism of Frankfurt).


The 4 key strands of the 2015 CIRSF Conference will be:

(1) Building blocks of the European Banking Union and the First Steps of the SSM – Developments in Progress in the wake of effective establishment of the SSM;

(2) Safeguarding Financial Stability - the Challenges Ahead;

(3) European Capital Markets Union;

(4) The transition to Solvency II in the field of Insurance Supervision.





Presentation of the Conference - Luís Silva Morais

Intervention of Viral Acharya

Apresentação de Hugo Borginho

Intervention of Nicolas Véron

Intervention of René Smits

Intervention of Andrea Enria

Intervention of Pedro Duarte Neves

Intervention of Pedro Gustavo Teixeira

Intervention of Michael Taylor

Intervention of Diego Valiente



CEPS report on ECB Banking Supervision

Defining Europe's Capital Markets Union, Nicolas Véron

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