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ECB Consolidated Banking Data for Dec-2014

ECB has published Consolidated Banking Data for Dec-2014 - 28 August 2015. Four aspects are particularly notworthy, namely (i) the inclusion of newly harmonised, (ii) these supervisory data will facilitate richer statistical analysis, (iii) New data set are based on harmonised definition of non-performing-loans and (iv) total assets of credit institutions in the euro area increased in 2014 by €496bn to €28,085bn

In fact, in comparison to the previous releases, the Consolidated Banking Data published on 28 August 2015 are significantly enhanced, drawing on the substantial increase in the availability and extent of harmonised supervisory data from across the EU. This has been possible due to the entry into force of the European Banking Authority’s Implementing Technical Standards on Supervisory Reporting (ITS). In particular, the indicators on asset quality have largely been replaced by new data based on a harmonised definition of non-performing loans as well as key items on forbearance. New statistics are also provided to measure liquidity, funding and encumbered assets.

The Consolidated Banking Data include statistics on individual EU Member States and on the European Union and Euro Area as a whole. The data refer to 440 banking groups together with 3,972 stand-alone credit institutions, and include data for 993 foreign-controlled branches and subsidiaries operating in the EU, covering nearly 100% of the EU banking sector balance sheet. This data set includes an extensive range of indicators on profitability and efficiency, balance sheets, liquidity and funding, asset encumbrance, non-performing loans developments and capital adequacy and solvency.

Dados bancários do BCE Dez. 2014

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